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When should I submit my closings?

We recommend builders submit their closings around the 15th of every month. Why? Reporting early ensures that your Builder Support team has adequate time to review your closing data and resolve any missing or incomplete items before the end of the month. The earlier you report your closings, the more likely your rebate check will arrive on time.

How often should I submit closings?

We recommend reporting closings monthly to ensure you receive a regular payment. Our manufacturers don’t require HomeSphere builders to submit additional proof of purchase or paperwork. In return, they prefer you report every 30 days. If you submit closings regularly, this will provide you with a steady cash flow. On top of that, it’s a lot easier to remember what products you installed in the current month versus homes and units you built three to six months ago.

Submit closings via email or with My HomeSphere?

The best way to report your closings is by logging into your My HomeSphere account and uploading your file. It takes less than 5 minutes of your time to report this way every month. We also regularly make improvements to My HomeSphere, so the value of logging into your account will continue to increase.

What if I won’t have any closings to submit this month?

When we send you a reminder to report closings, simply click the button that says, “Nothing to Report.” This will update your account and you won’t continue to receive reminders for the rest of the month.

Ready to submit your closings?

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