Give your homes energy-efficient, water managed walls with GreenGuard. Create more durable and cost-efficient structures and meet “green” building certification requirements with Kingspan products.

Rebate-Eligible Products

GreenGuard HPW Building Wrap

GreenGuard HPW™ Building Wrap is a non-woven, non-perforated building wrap. HPW™ provides superior resistance against the rain before the siding goes on and against water that seeps through the siding after installation.

GreenGuard RainDrop 3D Building Wrap

GreenGuard RainDrop 3D Building Wrap’s innovative drainage channels keep water out of the wall system. The channels are designed not to crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall.

GreenGuard VW Building Wrap

Its strong, cross-woven structure resists tearing, so there’s less waste. This house wrap protects structures against air and water infiltration. Plus, it breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape, reducing the potential for condensation buildup.

GreenGuard MAX™ Building Wrap

MAX™ is a non-perforated building wrap that offers durability at an economical price. You get the water and air barrier properties that walls need for moisture protection and energy efficiency.

Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board

Kingspan Kooltherm® K9 Internal Insulation Board is a premium performance, high R-value insulation product, used for interior exposed application on basement, crawlspace, attic and habitable space walls. It has a very low ASTM E84 smoke developed index with glass tissue based facings on both sides.

Insulation Board & GreenGuard Flashings

  • GreenGuard XPS Insulation Board
  • GreenGuard Insulated Sheathing
  • GreenGuard DC14 Drainage Mat
  • Kooltherm Phenolic Insulation Board

  • GreenGuard Asphalt Flashings
  • GreenGuard Butyl Flashings
  • GreenGuard Professional Flashings

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

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