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Since 1927, Georgia-Pacific Building Products has had a legacy of creating strong, durable, sustainable building materials for residential and commercial construction projects.

From integrated WRB sheathing systems for exteriors to interior sheathing products, our building products are designed to help members of the building community construct quality structures with access to technical support every step of the way.

Rebate-Eligible Products

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ForceField® Panels help keep water out, protecting the full structure from walls to sloped roofs. ForceField Panels are the core of integrated WRB sheathing systems that can be easily installed on walls and roofs.

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Protect every seam on walls and sloped roofs to ensure no gap is left behind. ForceField® Tapes provide a wide range tapes that treat everything from joints and seams to window openings and curved details.

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DryGuard® Enhanced
Rated Sturd-I-Floor

DryGuard® enhanced OSB Sturd-I-Floor is a multi-layered, moisture resistant sub-floor with built-in protection from thickness and edge swell. This high-performance sub-floor is designed to help avoid costly and time-consuming joint sanding. Plus, DryGuard comes with a 200-day no-sand warranty.

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Thermostat® Radiant
Barrier Rated Sheathing

Thermostat® radiant barrier sheathing reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat from a home’s attic and can help lower attic temperatures by up to 30°F. This improved energy efficiency makes Thermostat radiant barrier the ideal choice for new homes, additions and renovations in warm to hot climates.

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

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HomeSphere Builders are eligible for rebates on all ForceField® Weather Barrier System products, as well as DryGuard® Enhanced Rated Sturd-I-Floor and Thermostat® Radiant Barrier Rated Sheathing.

Explore ForceField® Weather Barrier System to see how it helps dry in multifamily and residential structures faster.

See how ForceField® Weather Barrier System helps protect the roof of a mountain home.

See how ForceField® Weather Barrier System got a multifamily project back on schedule.

Learn more about ForceField® Panels, ForceField® Premium Tape, ForceField® Seam Tape Plus and ForceField® Seam Tape.

Learn about the benefits of DryGuard® Enhanced Rated Sturd-I-Floor.

Learn about Thermostat® Radiant Barrier Rated Sheathing.

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