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DXV creates meticulously crafted luxury bathroom and kitchen collections that pay tribute to the past and celebrate the present. Inspired by the most influential American Design Movements spanning the past fifteen decades – Classic, Golden, Modern, and Contemporary – we preserve pivotal design elements from each period, reimagined for today.

Rebate-Eligible Products

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DXV offers luxurious designs of wall hung, one- and two-piece toilets to coordinate with your design aesthetic. Choose from the farmhouse look of Oak Hill, the romantic curves of St. George, the 1920's opulence of Belshire, the facets of Fitzgerald, the neoclassical lines of Wyatt or from DXV Modulus, Equility and Cossu for a modern sensibility. View the range of DXV toilets.

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Bathroom Sinks

The luxury bathroom sinks by DXV include above counter, undermount, wall-hung, as well as pedestal and vessel styles in a variety of finishes and work with small to larger spaces. Choose from the Classic Oak Hill and St. George, the Golden Era's Belshire, Fitzgerald, Pop, and Wyatt, the Modern DXV Modulus, or Cossu for a contemporary look. View the range of DXV Bathroom Sinks.

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DXV's showering offers a wide range of products, including bases, shower heads, rain shower heads, shower arms, hand showers, body sprays and pressure and thermostatic balance valves and trims. Choose from the Classic Oak Hill  and Traditional Accents, the Golden Era's Belshire and Fitzgerald, the Modern DXV Modulus or Equility for a contemporary look. View the range of DXV Showering.

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Kitchen Faucets

DXV's luxury kitchen faucets in exquisite finishes include traditional style kitchen faucets, semi-pro culinary faucets, bar faucets, center set and pot fillers. Choose from the classic ornate and romantic Victorian and simple and timeless Traditional Accents, or sleek and purposeful Etre and organic and futuristic Fresno collections. View the range of DXV Kitchen Faucets.

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Bathroom Faucets

DXV's luxury bathroom faucets configurations include single hole, widespread, vessel, wall-mounted or 3D faucets in exquisite finishes. Choose from the Classic Oak Hill, the Golden Era's Belshire, Fitzgerald, and Randall, the Modern DXV Modulus or Equility and Percy for a more contemporary look. View the full range of DXV Bathroom Sink Faucets.

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

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