Builder Rebates Available on Wilsonart Countertops, Sinks and Shower Surrounds

December 15, 2021


Through award-winning design and exceptional performance, Wilsonart continuously redefines surfaces. For use in single-family and multifamily, Wilsonart’s portfolio offers a full suite of products for countertops, shower and bath surrounds and more.

Rebate-eligible products for builders include high pressure laminate (HPL), quartz, solid surfaces, THINSCAPE® and Wetwall™.

Wilsonart products now available for rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Wilsonart’s HPL offers builders long-lasting style and on-trend designs. Using twice the amount of post-consumer recycled content than any other brand, HPL is one of the most innovative and environmentally-friendly decorative surface materials on the market.

Discover Wilsonart’s HPL Collection here.

Solid Surface

Ideal for kitchen and bath countertops and sinks, Wilsonart Solid Surfaces are offered in an array of seamless non-porous, natured inspired designs. The Solid Surface collection provides the look of authentic marble, taking realism to a new dimension.

See a full line of Wilsonart’s Solid Surfaces.


Stylish, strong and easy to maintain makes Quartz the most popular surface material on the market. Wilsonart Quartz offers stunning particulate and veining designs ideal for multi-family projects and single-family homes.

Explore Wilsonart’s full line of Quartz.

THINSCAPE Performance Tops

Featuring an innovative thin profile that complements slimmer cabinet looks, THINSCAPE Performance Tops are a combination of sleekness and strength. Made to elevate any look, THINSCAPE is available from large-scale stone to aged metal.

See a full line of THINSCAPE Performance Tops.

Wetwall from Wilsonart

Wetwall is the ultimate surface for when water is ever-present. Instead of tile and grout, Wetwall developed a single panel that’s water-proof, stylish and simple to install. The wall panels withstand everyday use thanks to a patented waterproof solution.

Explore Wetwall’s complete line of bath and shower surrounds.

Not using Wilsonart?

Wilsonart rebates are available for both single-family and multifamily builders who join HomeSphere. Earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program, and check our full list of partners to see what other rebates you're missing out on.

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