Custom-Builder Approved NanaWall Glass Walls Bring the Outdoors In

September 22, 2020

Custom-Builder Approved NanaWall Glass Walls Bring the Outdoors In

Natural light, flexible indoor and outdoor space and rooms that feel bright and open are more popular to homeowners than ever. Our brand partner NanaWall Systems offers a variety of glass walls to elevate any home and bring the outdoors in.  

They also work with home builders to offer rebates through our HomeSphere Rebate Program so builders can provide homebuyers the showstopping features buyers desire while offsetting their own building costs.  

NanaWall’s glass walls are especially ideal for custom builders looking to bring an extra spark to their homes. Check out their YouTube page to see their products in action. 

NanaWall products featured on the HomeSphere Rebate Program 

Folding Glass Walls 

NanaWall’s folding glass walls are available with an aluminum or wood frame, aluminum clad or frameless. Features include: 

  • Sound control  
  • Easy opening and closing  
  • High security 
  • Energy-efficiency 
  • Extreme weather resistance

Special builder pricing on specific models

NanaWall offers special builder pricing on the SL60B and the WA67B models. The SL60B is a thermally-broken all-aluminum framed system, while the WA67B is an aluminum-clad wood framed system.

Both offer flexible opening sizes that are custom built from 6 inches to 15 inches wide, while overall frame heights reach up to 8 feet, 2 inches. They're designed to meet the needs of builders, at set pricing and with short lead times. Installation services are available.

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Sliding Glass Walls 

NanaWall’s sliding glass walls are available with an aluminum or wood frame, or frameless. Features include: 

  • Flexible system 
  • Customizable stacking 
  • Swing door incorporation 
  • Single (or no) floor tracks 
  • Weather resistant 

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

HomeSphere is a free rebate program offering cash back on over 1,500 products from more than 80 of the top building product manufacturing brands.

Frameless Glass Walls 

Nanawall’s frameless glass walls include sliding, folding, center pivot or sliding pivot structures. Features include: 

  • Single-track flexibility 
  • Open corners 
  • Unobstructed views 
  • Weather protection 
  • 10-year warranty 

Already using NanaWall?  

If you plan to or have already used NanaWall in a construction project this year, you can earn rebates through HomeSphere. Check our full list of partners to see if you qualify for additional rebates.  

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