Why Multifamily Builders Choose HomeSphere

Published: April 18, 2019

Why Multifamily Builders Choose HomeSphere

Multifamily builders on HomeSphere’s rebate program often earn an additional $10,000 in building product rebates per multifamily project.

How does HomeSphere do it?

By making it easy for residential builders to find and collect rebates on the products they use to build their multifamily units and homes. Our builder app, My HomeSphere, gives builders of all sizes access to product rebates that were once available only to national builders. By moving rebate product submissions online, we’ve cut out the paperwork and streamlined the payout process.

With over 2,600 builders actively collecting rebates, we’re changing the way that builders think about the products they use and their money-earning potential.

And the rest of the construction industry is taking notice.

Constructech Magazine named My HomeSphere one of its Residential Top Products of 2018 and top product manufacturers have recognized HomeSphere as the most efficient way to reward their builders and grow their market share.

Earning multifamily builders money

For each of your multifamily projects, your individual product rebates get bundled into a single monthly check. The more products you bundle, the more you earn.

There’s no obligation to use any of our manufacturers, but the bundling incentives are in place to encourage you to use as many products as possible to earn the most money. And with more than 80 manufacturing brands offering rebates on over 1,500 products, the savings quickly add up.

Multifamily builders on average earn $10,000 to $20,000 in rebates for every 50 to 150 units they build. And the earning potential continues to increase as HomeSphere adds more manufacturers like FlowGuard Gold and BlazeMaster that specifically cater to multifamily builders.

Best of all, HomeSphere’s program is fully funded by our manufacturer and costs builders nothing to join.

Saving multifamily builders time

To get started, all builders need to enroll is a completed W-9 and a list of all applicable products installed in your recent closings. There’s no additional signup paperwork, so once you’re enrolled you gain immediate access to all eligible rebates.

Going forward, simply drag and drop your closings into My HomeSphere and we’ll send the check in the mail. (Need a visual? Watch our video tutorial.)

Connect with the manufacturer

HomeSphere also helps multifamily builders forge relationships with manufacturers.

HomeSphere has Regional Market Specialists in every major construction market who can help you connect with local manufacturer reps. This makes it easy to seamlessly integrate new products, negotiate upfront pricing or find distributors for when you decide to move into new markets.

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

HomeSphere is a free rebate program offering cash back on over 1,500 products from 80 of the top building product manufacturing brands. Enroll Today

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