Introducing Program Analysis for HomeSphere-IQ

October 10, 2018

HomeSphere-IQ Program Analysis on an electronic device

HomeSphere is excited to announce that we’ve added a new dashboard called Program Analysis to HomeSphere-IQ™.

HomeSphere-IQ is a lead gen and analytics platform that helps building product manufacturers find and convert local builders to the manufacturer’s products. With the addition of Program Analysis, the analytics side of the platform is now even more robust.

What is HomeSphere Program Analysis?

Program Analysis is a custom reports dashboard within HomeSphere-IQ that allows program managers to customize and export their HomeSphere reports into Excel. Unlike static PDF reports, manufacturers now have control over how and where they use their data.

For example, program managers can now create, compile, filter, and customize reports based on…

  • New builders added to the HomeSphere program
  • Builders using the manufacturer’s products
  • Builders not using the manufacturer’s products
  • Builder leads (LEADPLUS program)
  • Closing numbers and units installed
  • The amount of incentives paid to each builder
  • The product catalogue and much more

Who is Program Analysis for?

Whereas the core reports pages featured in HomeSphere-IQ are for the manufacturer’s sales teams, Program Analysis is designed specifically for program managers and the executive team at our manufacturing partners to help them understand ROI and measure their success.

For HomeSphere-IQ customers, access to the Program Analysis dashboard can be granted by your program administrator or by contacting HomeSphere’s Customer Service Team.

Going forward

HomeSphere will continue to improve and add value to HomeSphere-IQ with frequent and regular updates.

For manufacturers, our goal is to simplify the way they connect with builders and use data to make smarter decisions. The addition of Program Analysis to HomeSphere-IQ is a significant leap forward in pursuit of that goal.

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