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Product Feature: Siemens

July 1, 2018


Siemens load centers are designed with the installer in mind, saving builders and contractors time and money. With three series of load centers to choose from, you’ll have everything you need to meet your performance and price needs.

Featured Products:

  • ES Series Load Center
  • PL Series Load Center
  • WireGuide™ Load Center

ES Series and PL Series Load Centers

If value, safety and quick installation are your priority as a builder, then the ES and PL Load Centers are a smart choice.

Both the ES and PL Series Load Centers speed up installation with mounting trim tabs, as well as patented INSTA-WIRE® neutrals and grounds. The ES and PL Series also offer flexible configurations, convertibility, invertibility and a rugged base pan.

Where the ES and the PL differ is in the bus material: ES uses aluminum (75% neutrals) and PL uses copper (150% neutrals). The PL also comes with the convenience of the ground bars factory installed, whereas the ES requires installing the ground bars at the site.

WireGuide Load Centers

Simplify the installation process even more with Siemens’ premium WireGuide Load Center.

The WireGuide™ Load Center has more than four inches of gutter space, giving your fingers plenty of room to work.

With full-length neutral bars on both sides of the load center, you’ll also have flexibility in circuit placement. These circuit breakers come with pre-trimmed neutral wires, which slide seamlessly into the neutral bar as the breaker is being installed for a secure bolted connection. Finally, the breaker features an “oops loop” with extra wire should you over torque them.

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