June BTIG Building Industry Report

June 27, 2018

rising construciton costs

Each month HomeSphere partners with BTIG to survey our builders about the health of the residential construction market. On top of our standard report, this month features a supplemental report examining a potential slowdown in the California market.

Highlights from the HomeSphere/BTIG Building Industry Report – June 2018

  • 68% of HomeSphere builders reported increased labor costs
  • 92% of HomeSphere builders reported higher material costs
  • 56% of HomeSphere builders reported higher lot costs

What you’ll find in the BTIG supplemental report:

  • Where builders in California are experiencing a slowdown
  • How entry level, move-up, and luxury home sales are faring across the state
  • The impact of interest rates on California home buyers

How the BTIG/HomeSphere survey is compiled

HomeSphere has partnered with BTIG to provide our builder and manufacturer community with exclusive insights about the strength of the residential construction market. To create the monthly report, we survey our 2,300 regional and local home builders about sales, traffic, pricing, labor costs, and other key industry metrics.

How to get the full report

If you are a builder and would like to participate and receive the monthly report for free, request an invitation below:


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