Help Four Wounded Veterans through Homes For Our Troops

Homes for our troops

Four extraordinary wounded vets need help achieving the American Dream with homes adapted to their severe injuries.

Steven Baskis, Sean Carroll, Tara Hutchinson, Nicholas Morris were all wounded by improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Each of them has made remarkable progress rebuilding their lives, but their current living arrangements don’t easily accommodate their injuries. Whether it’s navigating hallways that are too narrow for wheelchairs, bathtubs that are hard to climb in and out of, or sinks and countertops that are too high to reach—these vets need a place to live that makes their lives easier, not harder.

Fortunately, the home building industry is in a unique position to make a difference in the lives of these vets through Homes For Our Troops (HFOT).

HFOT is 501(c) (3) nonprofit that builds and donates modified homes for severely wounded veterans. Not only are these homes designed to accommodate the unique needs of each vet, but they also come mortgage free.

Join HomeSphere in our effort to help these vets achieve their dream of owning a home.

baskisArmy SPC Ret. Steven Baskis

Steven is looking forward to putting down roots in his community with a home that makes it easier to be independent. Steven is training to be a Paralympian and enjoys skiing, biking, paddling, and mountaineering. He has climbed peaks over 20,000 feet—all without sight. His ultimate goal is to found an organization that helps disabled veterans and others improve the quality of their lives.

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CarrollMarine LCpl Ret. Sean Carroll

Sean believes you are what you do. That’s why he’s excited to have a home that improves his mobility and makes it easier to not be defined by his injury. He enjoys playing guitar, camping, and plans to go to school to study green energy and sustainable living. He loves to cook for others, so he’s excited to have a kitchen that doesn’t hold him back.

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TaraArmy SFC Ret. Tara Hutchinson

A new home for Tara would be a dream come true for her and her service dog Porkchop. Her current home isn’t ADA adapted, so she’s thrilled to someday have a house that lets her do the little things. As part of her recovery, Tara started making jewelry to retrain her hands. Now, her mission in life is to help other women look and feel beautiful.

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NicholasArmy 1st LT Nicholas Morris

Nicholas wants to show people that there is life beyond being an amputee. As such, he’s looking forward to owning his first home and starting a family with his wife Caroline. Nicholas wants to be a stay-at-home dad and home school his future kids. Above all, he looks forward to owning a house without a mortgage so that he can start saving for his future.

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If you’d like to support these remarkable veterans, donate to Homes For Our Troops by clicking here.