Where HomeSphere’s LEADPLUS Leads Come From

Where HomeSphere’s LEADPLUS Leads Come From August 2, 2018 One of the biggest challenges facing building product manufacturers is how to find and convert local and regional builders. Too often manufacturers don’t know which builders to target or prioritize. And even when the manufacturer has the right contact information, it’s often difficult to get a…

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New Improvements to HomeSphere-IQ

New Improvements to HomeSphere-IQ August 2, 2018 In the latest update for HomeSphere-IQ™, we’re introducing new functionality to help manufacturers manage their HomeSphere LEADPLUS leads, as well as several user-requested enhancements that enable a closer collaboration between teams. We’ve also included HomeSphere-IQ tutorials and help icons in this update to make it easier to learn…

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HomeSphere Builders by the Numbers

HomeSphere Builders by the Numbers August 2, 2018 2,400+ Active Builders Since 2011, LEADPLUS has generated 8,000 opportunities worth $1.4 billion in additional sales revenue 550 builders joined HomeSphere in 2017 The vast majority of our builders partner with HomeSphere for more than 5 years. HomeSphere-IQ News HomeSphere Named a Top Construction Tech Company Where…

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