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March 28, 2017

Replay our Webinar: “Build the Best Home on the Block – Trends and Products That’ll Help you Sell.”

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2017 HomeSphere and Masonite: Build the Best Home on the Block: Trends & Products That’ll Help you Sell.

Home Building Customization. Personal Style. Options.
That’s what’s important to new home buyers in 2017. How can home builders stay on top of these needs, incorporate them into home plans and still be profitable? HomeSphere and Masonite, teamed up on March 21 to guide you through:

•The latest style and trend insights to help you create a story that flows throughout your homes
•Innovative building products hitting the market and how to add them to home plans
•Growing your profit while offering customer choice, technology and style

Presented by:
Lori Patik, National Sales Coordinator, HomeSphere

Lindsey Fox, Wholesale Channel Marketing Manager, Masonite

Jonathan Legg, Builder Sales Manager, Masonite

August 7, 2015

Connect the Dots with HomeSphere

September 17, 2013

Lennox Increases Builder Market Share with BRI


Partner Success Story: Lennox International

Lennox experienced 40% year over year growth in the local and regional builder market which helped attain higher overall market share in the new home industry.


Lennox Residential
Lennox Industries is built on a heritage of innovative firsts, from the introduction of the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to some of the most efficient air conditioners available today.
Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Paradigm Shift in the Builder Market
• Sales Force Resources
• Converting Regional/Local Builder to Lennox
HomeSphere’s BRI Program
• Relationships with over 1,300 builders
• 40% YOY Regional/Local Builder Growth
• 26% product conversion rate

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Lennox Industries is built on a heritage of innovative firsts, from the introduction of the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to the most efficient air conditioners available today. Over the years, Lennox has set the standard for home comfort, and continues to push the standard forward with a lineup of more than 60 leading-edge products and a network of more than 6,000 full-service dealers.

Executive Summary

For years, Lennox formed a solid relationship with larger residential builders, capturing a significant market share. In the mid-2000’s Lennox recognized a significant paradigm shift in the builder market. As the large national builders abandoned markets and closed operations, smaller local and regional builders gained overall market share of the total available market. To strengthen their market share and stay ahead of the market decline, Lennox knew they needed to extend their sales and market strategy to the local and regional builder markets. Because they lacked sales resources and expertise in this particular market they turned to Homesphere to help them further penetrate and expand into this market. HomeSphere’s BRI digital lead-generation and customer loyalty platform has been instrumental in growing Lennox’s residential construction market share.


Because of the significant downturn in the housing market, the building product industry experienced several economic challenges. Lennox’s overall goal was to sustain their existing market share while also growing their presence in a new market – the local and regional builder market – all with existing resources. To meet this goal, the team had several hurdles to overcome. First, how to successfully penetrate the regional local market with existing sales resources. Second, the need to penetrate a new market quickly to avoid a decrease in market presence and elude losses was challenged by a lack of reach to local and regional builders. And third, once they had entered this new market, the team needed a way to convert the local and regional builder to Lennox products. Incentive programs in this market are typically manufacturer to builder, and Lennox needed a vehicle that could easily offer incentive programs to the local, regional builder without adding additional administrative expenses.


Considering the state of the market and the significance of their challenges, Lennox made the decision to partner with a third party in order to grow market share. After considerable research and review, Lennox turned to HomeSphere for their strong experience and relationships within the industry, as well as their unique and non-traditional approach to builder lead generation.

HomeSphere’s BRI program is a digital lead-generation and customer loyalty platform that connects the building product manufacturer to the local and regional builder. HomeSphere’s team of Regional Sales Managers reached this market and created brand exposure for Lennox, thus attracting and strengthening business with the most lucrative and hard to reach builder customer base. With unprecedented access to local and regional inside market knowledge, Lennox was better equipped to penetrate this market. “Once we partnered with HomeSphere, we saw a paradigm shift,” said John Webster, Director of Residential New Construction for Lennox.
“This shift helped us quickly grow our market share and position ourselves for the future. This new source helped Lennox replace the shrinking volume our national builders were experiencing.” By using HomeSphere’s BRI program, Lennox bundled their product incentives with other HomeSphere partners, to create an enhanced value-added incentive, thus gaining a larger percentage of the local and regional builder business.


Together, HomeSphere and Lennox have pushed through the decline of the housing market in the mid-2000’s to the steady recovery the market is experiencing today. As a result, HomeSphere and Lennox worked together to weather the storm by effectively positioning themselves to stay ahead of the tide. By partnering with HomeSphere, Lennox developed a strong relationship with local and regional builders resulting in an increase in market share.

  • Solid Builder Relationships.

    Over the years, the HomeSphere Regional Sales team and the Lennox Sales team created a strong partnership resulting in solid relationships with new and existing builders. Both teams worked together to reinforce the program throughout the years, shifting with and adjusting to the market’s needs. “The Lennox Regional Sales team has successfully embraced the HomeSphere BRI program throughout the years. The HomeSphere Regional Sales team gave us the reach and access into the local and regional builder market we couldn’t achieve on our own,” stated Webster.

  • Progressive Market Growth.

    Having a firm share of the larger builder market, Lennox looked to tap into the lucrative local and regional builder market. HomeSphere provided reach and access quickly and today Lennox is experiencing a shift in their share of the residential construction market. Lennox experienced 40% year over year growth in the local and regional builder market which helped attain higher overall market share in the new home industry. With the introduction of HomeSphere’s BRI newest technology, LeadPlus, sales cycles are shortened, sales are easily monitored by the management team and the measurement of ROI is simple and efficient. “The estimated value and response in LeadPlus is invaluable,” said Webster. “This new technology bolstered our trust in HomeSphere to continue to provide us reach and access.”

  • Valued Incentives.

    By partnering with HomeSphere BRI, Lennox bundled their incentives with other HomeSphere BRI partners, thus creating more value-added incentives for new builders as well as existing customers. For example, after Lennox met with Isenhour Homes in Winston-Salem, NC, the builder still decided to purchase their HVAC products from another manufacturer. However, HomeSphere Regional Sales Manager, Mike Ashby was able to win back the business by walking Isenhour’s building sites and recognizing other HomeSphere BRI partner products being used. “We overcame price objection by bundling Lennox’s incentive with other HomeSphere BRI partner incentives. The Lennox sales person, in conjunction with HomeSphere’s partners, was then able to present a more lucrative incentive program through bundling, thus leveraging more rebates per home and offering more value to the builder,” added Ashby.

    Over the years HomeSphere and Lennox developed a strong partnership, working together to accommodate the ever shifting housing market and coming out ahead. As a result, Lennox created strong relationships with the local and regional builders resulting in an increase in market share in a recovering housing economy.

August 15, 2013

The Tapco Group Joins HomeSphere

The Tapco Group

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(Lakewood, Colo. – Aug. 15, 2013) — Today, Lakewood-based HomeSphere Inc. announced The Tapco Group, manufacturers of superior-quality interior and exterior building products, will join its growing digital lead-generation and customer loyalty platform, opening up new revenue opportunities for the brand.

The Tapco Group is a premium provider of innovative products engineered with both contractors and homeowners in mind. The company joins more than 70 preferred manufacturers using HomeSphere BRI and its industry-first digital marketing services to connect with a growing network of regional and local builders. Members of HomeSphere’s extensive builder network are staged to construct nearly 20 percent of the total new single-family homes forecast in 2013. Nationally, local and regional builders construct 75 percent of current new-build homes.
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August 12, 2013

The Importance of Staying on Trend with Lighting

Progress Lighting

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Many homebuilders forget that lighting is a fashion product.

Think about other industries – such as retail, hospitality and restaurant – that put a considerable amount of time, effort and money into creating the right atmosphere with lighting. Grocery chains even use specialty lighting to showcase fruits and vegetables in the right light!

The right environment – highlighted by purposeful lighting – can make individuals feel comfortable in the space.

It’s important to stay on trend when selecting the right lighting for your homes.  Progress Lighting understands the marketplace and offers lighting solutions that are going to complement the latest home furnishings.
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August 9, 2013

Introducing Icynene Classic Max™ — Your Safest Choice for Unvented Attics

Icynene Insulation

Through extensive end-use configuration testing in collaboration with the ICC-ES and their accredited fire consultant, Icynene Classic Max™ has been proven to be the safest, most economical and most thoroughly-tested spray foam insulation on the market, helping builders construct safer family homes.

Now, you can protect your residential builds from unvented attic fires with the industry’s safest and most cost-effective spray foam insulation choice – Icynene Classic Max™. As a result of extensive actual end-use configuration testing by leading spray foam manufacturer Icynene, in collaboration with ICC-ES and their accredited fire consultant, Icynene Classic Max™ is proven to be the safest and most thoroughly-tested spray foam insulation available on the market. Plus, Icynene Classic Max™ is the most economical spray foam solution available. No other spray foam insulation product comes close – no other insulation type.

Icynene Classic Max™ spray foam insulation does away with the need for an ignition barrier in an unvented attic space, eliminating additional material and labor expenses allowing the safety- and cost-conscious builder to construct safer family homes and save money. It’s like having an industrial sprinkler system installed in the attic – with the added benefit of less structural and no water damage.

Icynene Classic Max™ goes beyond thermal comfort and air-sealing to help protect you, your bottom line, and your clients against the risk of unvented attic fires.

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace and offer your clients both peace-of-mind and the opportunity to purchase a safer home. Icynene Classic Max™ saves you money and lets you stand out in the marketplace. Contact Icynene to learn more or visit

August 5, 2013

Kwikset® Kevo™ Revolutionizes the Door Lock

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

LAKE FOREST, Calif. (July 30, 2013) – Recognizing that smartphones have become digital extensions of the body, with 79 percent of people ages 18 – 44 having their smartphones on them for 22 hours a day, Kwikset®, a leading brand of the Hardware & Home Improvement (HHI) division of Spectrum Brands Holdings (NYSE:SPB), has partnered with UniKey Technologies™, Inc. (UniKey) to transform the smartphone into a key. Now available for pre-order, Kevo™ is the first deadbolt intelligent enough to communicate with a smartphone and unlock with a simple touch. This technology is so convenient that the user doesn’t even need to remove the smartphone from their pocket or purse when unlocking their door.

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July 12, 2013

Green Your Next Building Project with Icynene

Icynene Insulation

Sustainability Through Innovation

While most traditional insulation types only provide R-Value, building science shows us that an air seal, like that provided by Icynene, is imperative for total building performance. Protecting against air leakage with Icynene means that homeowners can significantly reduce CO2emissions and save up to 50% in energy costs related to heating and cooling. On average, the energy savings can exceed the installation price within three to four years. Plus, an energy saving air seal help keep airborne pollutants, allergens and moisture out ensuring a healthier and cleaner indoor air environment.

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July 8, 2013

Masonite’s Barrington® Fiberglass Door Collection Defines Fiberglass Entry Systems

TAMPA, Fla. (March 2013) – Masonite® International Corporation continues to meet homeowner needs for architectural style and design as well as durability with innovative entry doors in fiberglass, steel and wood. Here’s a close-up of the popular Barrington® Fiberglass Entry Door Collection, including Craftsman, Sierra™ and Flagstaff™ Doors.

The Barrington® Collection – Masonite® Fiberglass Entry Door

The Barrington® Fiberglass Door Collection from Masonite defines a new level of opulence in fiberglass entry systems. Designed with distinct raised moulding and stunning factory-glazed decorative glass, these fiberglass doors provide maximum protection and lasting durability.

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July 3, 2013

Watts Water Technologies Cuts Ribbon on NH Lead Free Foundry

Watts Water Technologies

30,000 sq. ft. Foundry Supports Company’s Lead Free Initiative, NH Jobs


North Andover, MA – Watts Water Technologies “cut the ribbon” on a multimillion dollar, 30,000 square foot foundry on June 21st, an expansion to the Franklin, NH Facility of one of its operating subsidiaries, which produces products for many of its brands. New Hampshire state and local dignitaries, including Governor Maggie Hassan and Franklin Mayor Kenneth Merrifield, joined officials from Watts Water Technologies, Inc. to celebrate the occasion.

The new Lead Free foundry reflects the company’s commitment to proactively meet the requirements of the “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act,” which goes into effect in January 2014. The law establishes new limits on the lead content in every pipe, fixture, and fitting used to convey water for human consumption. The company’s new foundry will produce Lead Free products exclusively.

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