Popular Cabinet Trends in 2019 Include Shaker Style and Flat Panels

July 25, 2019

Popular Cabinet Trends in 2019 Include Shaker Style and Flat Panels

We’ve scoured the internet for insight into the most popular cabinet trends of 2019, and we think we have a good idea of what they are. (Or we just read entirely too much about shaker style doors and flat panel cabinets.) But chances are, as a home builder, you’ve already run into these trends, and with our help, you can start earning rebates for using these crowd-pleasing favorites.

So, what are the trends?

1. Shaker style

Yeah, we already gave this one away. But shaker cabinets are one of the most popular styles thanks to their simplicity and versatility. And as HGTV notes, “the simple, square-paneled doors look flawless with any hardware.” Real Simple, citing a Houzz survey, also adds that shaker cabinets are the most popular choice for remodelers looking to upgrade their kitchens.

2. Flat panel cabinets

Guess which cabinet style came in second in the Houzz survey? That’s right, flat panel cabinet doors. Mollie Carmichael, a consumer segmentation expert and principal at Meyers Research, recently discussed kitchen design trends in a webinar attended by Builder, where she predicted that flat panels will grow in popularity as the modern, minimalist trend keeps rising.

3. Transitional style

During the same webinar, Metrostudy offered insight into homeowners’ general design sentiments. As Builder writes, “According to the data collected by Metrostudy, 38% of homeowners look for ‘somewhat traditional’ interior design and 40% look for ‘somewhat modern.’” Transitional style is pretty much a marriage of the two. Real Simple also notes in their article linked above that the transitional style is the top pick for homeowners looking to remodel, with farmhouse trailing behind.

4. Two-toned cabinets (aka mix and match)

As Country Living says, “unified cabinetry is a thing of the past,” using Diane Keaton’s “beautifully rustic” white and gray mix as an example. Better Homes & Gardens also pushes the trend, writing that using different colors for upper and base cabinets provides a modern twist on traditional cabinetry (which, full circle, is transitional in style). BH&G also suggests mixing it up in general by offering a mixture of cabinets, drawers and open shelving to meet “any and all storage needs.”

5. Make it blue

Yes, it’s true that most homeowners are still choosing white cabinets followed by wood and gray (from the Houzz study via Real Simple), but BH&G is calling blue the “new neutral.” It’s also one of the most popular colors of the year, they write — as confirmed by HGTV.

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Aristokraft Benton Shaker style cabinet doorAristokraft’s Benton Shaker cabinet door

The Benton Shaker style cabinet door offers broad appeal at an affordable price. The door is available in birch or painted. Pictured is a white paint finish in a square shape. The door is also available as a five piece.

Schrock Kennedy flat panel and transitional cabinet door Schrock’s Kennedy cabinet door

The Kennedy cabinet door is both flat-paneled and transitional, as represented by the modern lines and flexibility in its style. Pictured is the door in maple in the color maritime. The door is also available as a five piece.

Kitchen Craft Paloma flat panel cabinet doorKitchen Craft’s Paloma cabinet door

The Paloma cabinet door brings sophistication to any kitchen with flat panels, beading and mitred corners. The door is available in cherry and maple with various finishes and colors available. Pictured is the nimbus pewter glaze.

Homecrest dover shaker style cabinet doorHomecrest’s Dover cabinet door

The Dover cabinet door is a shaker style door that is also transitional in style, allowing homeowners to let their own decorative style shine through. The door is available in five wood types. Pictured is the square shape in natural hickory.

What cabinet trend has been most popular with your homebuyers?

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